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wartune reborn
wartune reborn

Welcome to the Astro guide for Wartune Reborn, in this guide we will talk about Astrals in general, the needed to know “How to” and what suits your class the best . The Astro function is one of the biggest gold black holes in the game, you can literally waste millions here to get your desired astrals, however its how you destroy your opponents and crush your foes. for more In-depth Astral guide for wartune reborn beginners or our Astrals Tactics guide

How to access Astro panel ?

The Astro Panel is accessible once you hit Lvl.25 on your character, there will be a tutorial in game to how access, gain, lock/unlock them .

You can press “H” on you keypad or simply click on the planet icon as shown above to access your Astro panel.

Introduction to the panel

There are different options available here, you start fishing for astrals by clicking the different planets in the lower section of the screen, the more gold you use the more chances to get higher rarity astrals. Your main focus here will be how to get the highest and most powerful ones for your character, we recommend a combination between both red astrals and gold ones since they are the best the game offers so far.

The legend says that once all astro planets are activated at the same time with all connecting arrows being lit, the chance of getting reds and higher rarity astrals increases !!

Available Options

  • One Click Capture : Auto capture Astrals in one Click and sells lower level ones you specify in the filter menu, it requires vip Lvl.3 though to be activated .
  • One Click synthesis : synthesis all the astrals you manages to catch and feeds them all to the highest level astral you posses, in the screen below all astrals will be fed to first refined charm .
  • One click Collect : Sends all astrals you have to your Astral inventory (the goblet looking icon down far right corner) as much as the space in inventory allows .
  • One Click Sell : sells all astrals based on rarity you specify in the filter, based on this screen below, only whites and greens are sold .
  • Filter Box : you can control what the one click sell using this function.
filter box in astro
Astral selling filter box
  • Star Points : you gather them by clicking the planets and spending gold, each planed has a different expense value and of course drop rate .
AstroMagus starCeresPallasSatumChiron
Expense in gold400050006000800010000
Star point12345
  • Exchange : This opens the exchange interface where you can buy astrals directly using the star points mentioned above. You will usually use tons of gold to try and get lucky with needed astrals but this function offers a way to get them regardless the luck factor…for a price of course !!
Energine (red)10000 points
Any Red Astral15000 points
Any Orange Astral7000 points
Any Purple Astral2000 points
exchange panel
  • Astrals : The goblet looking icon far end lower right corner, this is actually a full inventory for all your astrals. On the far left top corner you can see your astral value in the purple orb (currently for this Lvl.25 archer its 161 which is very low compared to end game). Once you open the interface you will be able to equip your astrals, one click synthesize all the astrals in your inventory, lock them to avoid taking part in synthesize or unlock them if they are locked and the ability to go back to your Astro interface to keep fishing for astrals.
Astral inventory
New character starts with only 2 spots at Lvl.25 and unlocks more slots upon leveling

The third slot is unlocked upon reaching 30 then further slots are unlocked every 10 levels till you unlock your last at 80 .

Different Rarities

RarityDescriptionExp. ValueSelling price
RedHighest rarity and definitely end game target to complete your astro set .10013000
Gold2nd best till you get corresponding red ones, some of gold rarity don’t have red versions and still counted essential for end game strategy .7010600
PurpleMid game tier, replaces blue version till you can get better rarity .508400
BlueEarly game astrals, replace them with better versions once available, usually used to level up your astrals of choice .306000
GreenSell them, they give lowest exp and have poorest stats .103600
MisfortuneSignifies your failure to acquire a good astral, sell them since they cant do anything else for you !!1200

For more information about astrals and in-depth guide to their stats and abilities, check out our In-depth Astral guide for wartune reborn beginners .

Whats the best for my class ?

  • Mage : depends on many factors, like if they will heal or go heavy dps, heavy cashing, lightly cashing or fully free . Let’s say a free user with either heal or damage spec.
  1. Holy Mysticality .
  2. Holy Fortitude .
  3. Holy Willpower .
  4. Holy Enshieldment .
  5. Holy Brilliance .
  6. Refined Goddess Blessing .
  7. Enhanced Guardian Angel .
  8. Enhanced Will Destroyer .

There will be a debate about using EWD since it prevents crit but the gains are undoubtedly great, that 50% more damage guaranteed every turn in my opinion beats the crit chance, specially that mages are the only magic based attack class in the game, whether you go crit or ewd its up to you, but i found casher mages are more successful in making a nightmare high crit mage .

  • Archer : Since the crit is your butter and bread then you must go full critical with determination, damage is what your class is all about and you are really good at it !!
  1. Holy Force .
  2. Holy Fortitude .
  3. Holy Willpower .
  4. Holy Enshieldment .
  5. Holy Sniper’s edge .
  6. Enhanced Determination .
  7. Refined Goddess Blessing .
  8. Enhanced Guardian Angel .
  • Knight : The Might of the knight is hidden in his defenses, true !! But here in Wartune reborn you have a natural strength in block . For a vampire build that offers best results and suitable for free users here is an optimal list .
  1. Holy Force .
  2. Holy Fortitude .
  3. Holy Willpower .
  4. Holy Enshieldment .
  5. Refined Goddess Blessing .
  6. Enhanced Illusion
  7. Enhanced Guardian Angel .
  8. Enhanced Will Destroyer .

If you wanna try the crit route, go ahead but again as we mentioned earlier in mages section, its more successful in casher characters, yet again there is always an exception for every rule .

This is the end of the basic astral tutorial, if you want more in-depth tutorials about different astrals and comparisons check out our Astral tactics guide. Good luck everyone and have fun .

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