In-depth Astral guide for wartune reborn beginners

wartune reborn
wartune reborn

Check out the main astral guide before going on here, because the info i provide within this guide is going to make more sense if you already know which astrals suit your class, and of course the basics of acquiring them.

Which astrals should i aim for ?

The very first question you will ask yourself is probably gonna be this one “so is it worth it to throw all that gold in just one game feature?” and the answer would be “Absolutely Yesssss !!”

Astrals are your way to destroy your enemies, win in various pvp and pve scenarios, and even you will need to keep some astrals for certain events . It goes without saying that red astrals are the most powerful ones among your set, ofcourse some orange astrals that has no red upgrades are counted as end game tier as well .

Red astrals for end game

  • Holy Force . (Archer / Knight)
  • Holy Mysticaity . (Mage)
  • Holy Brilliance . (Optional)
  • Holy Sniper’s Edge . (All, a must for archer)
  • Holy Fortitude . (All)
  • Holy Willpower . (All)
  • Holy Enshieldment . (All, a must for knight)

All red astrals mentioned are pure stats and used to add flat increase into your battle rating .

Orange astrals for end game

  • Refined Goddess Blessing . (All)
  • Enhanced Determination . (A must if you take sniper’s edge )
  • Enhanced Illusion . (All)
  • Enhanced Guardian Angel . (All)
  • Enhanced Will Destroyer . (Mages/Knights, unless they go crit)

Optional/situational/limited usage astrals

  • Enhanced Ruthlessness . (only for world boss and any event that needs damage, combined with holy sniper’s edge and enhanced determination)
  • Enhanced Deflection . ( Can be useful in world boss if it procs, although the fixed damage is limited to 50,000 which is not much in end game, overall survivability & PVP astral)
  • Enhanced Regeneration . (It can be useful till you have the main recommended astrals for your class, overall survivability & PVP astral, best used when you can deal more than 4,000 damage )
  • Refined Blessed Health . (Early game only, if you still need it for some reason switch to enhanced regeneration better later in end game or when you can deal more than 4,000 damage )
  • Aegis Major . (Early game or till you can get refined goddess blessing )

Experience per level/rarity

Its obvious that’s its gonna take a while….and lots of gold !!

Stats per level/rarity


Some astrals share the same stat growth by level, example for that would be all pure stats astrals (except for Health &Charm) . If we check the red astrals growth/lvl. for example you will notice the following :

Holy Force Physical attack +288/level
Holy Mysticality Magical attack +288/level
Holy Enshieldment Block +288/level
Holy Sniper’s edgeCritical +288/level
Holy Fortitude Physical defense +288/level
Holy Willpower Magical defense +288/level
Holy BrillianceHealth +750/level
Holy CharmCharisma/troop count +48/level
Energine is a red astral that can’t be leveled, its used to offer 500 exp for your astrals and its the only red astral missing from the table above .


Pristine ForcePhysical attack +216/level
Pristine MysticalityMagical attack +216/level
Pristine FortitudePhysical defense +216/level
Pristine WillpowerMagical defense +216/level
Pristine Sniper’s edgeCritical +216/level
Pristine EnshieldmentBlock +216/level
Pristine BrillianceHealth +500/level
Pristine CharmCharisma/troop count +36/level
Aegis MajorReduce all damage values by +40/level
Refined Blessed Health10% chance to gain +400 health/level when attacking
Refined Goddess BlessingReduce all damage received by +3%/level
Enhanced Will destroywerPrevents any critical damage when attacking but in return you will get +5%/level damage increase
Enhanced IllusionDodge chance +2%/level
Enhanced Guardian
Reduces chances of receiving critical damage by +5%/level
Enhanced RegenerationRegain health equivalent to +10%/level of damage dealt, 10% trigger rate, max. 50,000 health
Enhanced DeterminationCritical base damage increased by +5%/level
Enhanced RuthlessnessFloating damage expands by +7%/level
Enhanced Deflection10% chance to reflect +10%/level of damage received, cause 50,000 damage at the most


Refined ForcePhysical attack +144/level
Refined MysticalityMagical attack +144/level
Refined FortitudePhysical defense +144/level
Refined WillpowerMagical defense +144/level
Refined Sniper’s edgeCritical +144/level
Refined EnshieldmentBlock +144/level
Refined BrillianceHealth +400/level
Refined CharmCharisma/troop count +24/level
AegisReduce all damage values by +20/level
Enhanced Blessed health10% chance to gain +200 health/level when attacking
Goddess BlessingReduce all damage received by +2%/level
Will DestroyerPrevents any critical damage when attacking but in return you will get +2%/level damage increase
IllusionDodge chance +1%/level
Guardian AngelReduces chances of receiving critical damage by +3%/level
RegenerationRegain health equivalent to +5%/level of damage dealt, 10% trigger rate, max. 30,000 health
DeterminationCritical base damage increased by +3%/level
RuthlessnessFloating damage expands by +3%/level
Deflection10% chance to reflect +5%/level of damage received, cause 30,000 damage at the most


Enhanced ForcePhysical attack +108/level
Enhanced MysticalityMagical attack +108/level
Enhanced FortitudePhysical defense +108/level
Enhanced WillpowerMagical defense +108/level
Enhanced Sniper’s edgeCritical +108/level
Enhanced EnshieldmentBlock +108/level
Enhanced BrillianceHealth +300/level
CharmCharisma/troop count 18/level
Pristine Goddess BlessingReduce all damage values +10/level
Blessed Health10% chance to gain +100 Health/level when attacking


BrutalityPhysical attack +72/level
MysticalityMagical attack +72/level
FortitudePhysical Defense +72/level
WillpowerMagical Defense +72/level
Sniper’s edgeCritical +72/level
EnshieldmentBlock +72/level
BrillianceHealth +200/level

Drop rates

The drop rates gets lower as the rarity goes higher, the problem here is that it gets pretty low for orange astrals and even more extremely low for red ones .

Astral interface
The legend says that once all astro planets are activated at the same time with all connecting arrows being lit, the chance of getting reds and higher rarity astrals increases !!

The following rates are roughly figure based on a series of tests using different Characters with and without VIP, near end game and fresh start. The numbers did not differ much from one to another because there is always a luck factor, i once got a red astral under 300,000 gold !! And on other characters i wasted over 3,000,000 without a single orange . The calculations below are all approximated and based on :

  • Using 10,000,000 gold by dividing them into 10 groups.
  • Selling only whites& greens assuming you will level astrals using blues .
Magus Star37%63%
PallasLess than 5%25%55%15%
Satum20%40%20%15%Less than 10%
Chiron20%30%25%20%Less than 18%
Over all33%51%14%1.72%0.17%0.01%
  • Average amount of gold needed to accumulate 1000 star points is about 1.2 mil. gold (assuming you only sell misfortune and greens)
  • Average amount of experience collected per using 1 mil. gold by using blues and above is about 2200 exp. (assuming you sell misfortune and greens)

We wish you the best of luck in acquiring all the astrals you need, there are various tactics and situations where you will need to change your astrals for targeting a specific result, check out our Astral tactics guide for further information .

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